Payments Landscape
Payments Landscape

Introduction to the Payments Landscape: Understanding Acquiring

Type Scheduled Virtual
Topic Payments Landscape
Level Introductory
Duration 3 days (4 hours per day)
Language English

Discover what it takes to run an acquirer business and develop a successful merchant network. In this highly engaging virtual course, you’ll take a detailed look at the decisions and actions needed to operate an efficient and profitable acquirer business in today’s ever-changing payments ecosystem. You’ll grow your acquiring knowledge by learning from a Visa expert and interacting with your peers. You’ll return to your role with a better understanding of key acquirer functions, operational considerations, emerging payment options, merchant relations and risk management. Whether you are new to acquiring or an experienced professional looking to refresh your acquiring knowledge, this course is for you.

Course Outline

  • Acquiring overview
    • What is acquiring?
    • Acquirer profitability
    • Merchant sales and acquisition
  • Operations
    • Merchant acceptance rules
    • Transaction processing
    • Card-present acceptance
    • Card-not-present acceptance
    • Dispute management
  • Risk management
    • Acquirer risk management
    • Monitoring merchant fraud
    • Understanding merchant fraud
    • Card-present fraud prevention tools
    • Card-not-present fraud prevention tools

    Who should attend:

    • Management, sales and marketing staff from new acquirers
    • New management, sales and marketing staff from existing acquirers
    • Experienced staff looking to refresh and update their acquiring knowledge

    Important notes:

    • Pre-work will be provided for download.
    • Enrollment closes one business day prior to the session start date for virtual courses. You will not be able to enroll in a virtual course on the day of the session.
    • Special offers: Save 15 percent when you register more than six weeks in advance with promo code Save15 or register four individuals from your organization and receive an additional registration at no additional cost. Offers cannot be combined.

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