Digital Payments Catalyst Digital Payments Catalyst

Prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities of our constantly disrupted industry with Digital Payments Catalyst, a robust six-week certificate program (approximately six hours per week) delivered by two world-class organizations, Wharton Online and Visa.

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Composed of weekly self-paced modules, Digital Payments Catalyst features video lectures, articles, activities, discussions and more.

We recommend this program for payments professionals looking to expand their knowledge in digital payments and financial industry professionals looking to develop an understanding of the rapidly evolving payments ecosystem.

Gain the knowledge you need to confidently meet tomorrow’s challenges

Learn from Wharton faculty and Visa leaders

Gain exposure to a blend of academic and applied perspectives from faculty and leaders who are shaping the future of payments.

Grow your digital payments knowledge

Expand your knowledge across a broad range of topics including artificial intelligence and big data, cybersecurity and regulations.

Apply what you’ve learned to your role

Build confidence to boost your career prospects, broaden your organizational impact and move the industry forward.

Week-by-week program plan

Learn practical insights and best practices to prepare for the ever-changing payments ecosystem.

Introduction Week

Familiarize yourself with Digital Payments Catalyst and get to know the Wharton faculty and Visa leaders who you’ll be learning from throughout the program. Introduce yourself and meet fellow program participants.

Select a theme that is applicable to your organization. 

Week 1

Payments Ecosystem

Get an overview of how digital payments have evolved and the key players. Analyze key industry trends including super apps, buy now, pay later (BNPL) and real-time payments. Take a deep dive into tech topics like tokens, open data, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Begin researching your chosen theme. Share what you’ve learned with peers in your theme group. Brainstorm how your findings could be applied to a challenge or opportunity within your organization.

Week 2

Payments and the Economy

Explore how the economy affects payments and vice versa. Learn about two-sided market economies, the globalization of consumption, the impact of changing demographics and the economic effect of COVID-19.

Build upon the previous week’s research and share what you’ve learned with your theme group. Start applying your findings to your organization.

Week 3

AI and Big Data

Connect emerging technologies to payments, including the applications of machine learning. Examine common models for managing and optimizing the payment lifecycle. Learn about model compliance, governance and ethical considerations. 

Continue to build upon your research, share your findings with peers and apply what you've learned to your organization.

Week 4

Fraud and Cybersecurity

Explore payments fraud and cybercrime, including trends and broader impacts. Learn about the role of cybersecurity in protecting and securing the payments ecosystem. Discover cybersecurity best practices, including principles for providing systems and data safeguards. 

Conduct additional research and share your findings with your theme group. Continue to build upon your theme's practical application to your organization. 

Week 5

Regulation and Public Policy

Explore the trends in public policy and regulations that impact digital payments. Learn about the relationships between regulations and the payments ecosystem, the goal of government regulators and the role emerging technologies play in fostering financial inclusion.

Conduct final research and start building the presentation that you will deliver to your organization.

Live Online Event
Join us for a 90-minute session featuring an expert panel discussion and a group activity.

Week 6

Conclusion (Optional)

Consolidate what you’ve learned and apply your findings to your organization.

Deliver a final presentation to your organization. Share key findings with your peers.

Wharton Faculty and Visa Leaders

Below are just a few of the experts you’ll be hearing from throughout the program:

When you complete the program, you’ll receive a digital certificate from Wharton Online and Visa University and a digital badge, which can be displayed on social media sites, email footers and more.   

Please note that participation in this program (a) will not result in a degree from, alumni status with, or earned credit at the University of Pennsylvania or the Wharton School (or, to Wharton’s knowledge, any other institution); (b) will not be recorded on a University of Pennsylvania or Wharton transcript; and (c) does not guarantee or suggest that a participant will be admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School, or to any other university or institution.