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Digital Payments Library is a comprehensive payments training library designed to help you develop your career and stay current in our ever-evolving industry.

Your all-access pass to Visa University training

Our new streaming library brings Visa’s expertise directly to your devices and covers compelling topics including dispute resolution, fraud, the payments landscape, portfolio management, cryptocurrency and operations.

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A library built with you in mind

We developed Digital Payments Library to help you fit learning into your day. Our short, engaging videos can be viewed individually, as part of a playlist or as a complete course, allowing you to tailor your training to your unique learning style and goals.

Within the library, you’ll be able to track your progress, bookmark content, rate videos, view closed captioning in English and Spanish and more.

Your annual subscription includes:

  • Seven of Visa University's introductory courses, now available as on-demand training
  • Access to 450+ videos, plus downloadable resources and more
  • Curated collections developed by Visa’s global experts
  • Access to an exclusive cryptocurrency course delivered by Visa's cryptocurrency team

Exclusive course

Digital Currency Fundamentals: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Digital currencies are quickly becoming a fundamental part of the payments landscape.

In this new course, which you’ll only find on Digital Payments Library, you’ll receive a 360-degree view of digital currency and its foundational technology.

Developed and delivered in partnership with Cuy Sheffield, Visa's head of cryptocurrency, and members of the Visa crypto team, topics you'll explore include:

  • Types of cryptocurrencies
  • The technology behind blockchain
  • Payments-specific crypto use cases
  • Strategic implementation of digital currency

Hear from Cuy Sheffield, Visa's head of cryptocurrency, on what you'll learn in this course.

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