Digital Payments Library: Sample Videos

Digital Payments Library features content delivered by Visa leaders and industry experts. Below are a few sample videos for you to explore.

NFT Introduction
Featured in the Digital Currency Fundamentals: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs course

Learn about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they are being used to create new ecommerce experiences.

Fraud by Channel: Application Fraud

Featured in the Introduction to Fraud course

Application fraud occurs when criminals create fraudulent accounts and apply for new products, including credit cards, loans or tax rebates. Learn about the types of application fraud and strategies to minimize your risk.

The Role of Research
Featured in the Introduction to Portfolio Management course

Research is a valuable part of the acquisition, marketing and product development processes. Learn how research can help you better understand consumer motivations and make your portfolio more profitable.

Real-time Payments
Featured in the Introduction to the Payments Landscape course

Gain an overview of real-time payments (RTP), including what they are, the global RTP landscape, the value of RTP and how they’re shaping the gig economy.

Transaction Use Case Example: ATM Withdrawal
Featured in the Introduction to Operations course

Explore an example involving an individual who is making an ATM withdrawal in another country.

Condition 13.2 — When It Applies, Dispute Timeframe and Probing Questions
Featured in the Introduction to Dispute Resolution course

A recurring transaction allows cardholders to pay for regularly used services automatically. Explore when Dispute Condition 13.2: Canceled Recurring Transaction applies and review the dispute timeframe for this condition.