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Introduction to Operations

Type Scheduled Virtual
Topic Operations
Level Introductory
Duration 12 hours over 3 days
Language English
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Are you a new Visa client, or new to the payments industry? This course will give you a foundational understanding of all aspects of our dynamic industry and the Visa payments system.

Begin with an overview of payments operations. Learn about Visa’s history, products, technology and the value it brings to the payments industry before diving into the different types of payments ecosystems, their key stakeholders and emerging players.

Continue by learning how payments are processed. Receive an overview of VisaNet, including its components and the roles it plays in transaction processing. Next, explore the transaction lifecycle and the three steps involved — authorization, clearing and settlement. Look at the two different processing flows (dual message and single message) used to authorize, clear and settle transactions and discover how to use tokenization to keep transactions secure. Deepen your understanding by applying what you’ve learned about the transaction lifecycle and processing requirements as you follow a fictitious cardholder on an international trip.

Then, explore the essentials of a successful financial management system. Learn how the Visa Settlement Service operates, how Visa billing works and what data you’re responsible for reporting for Visa’s Quarterly Operating Certificates. You’ll also learn what Interchange Reimbursement Fee (IRF) is and how it helps to balance and grow the payment system for the benefit of all participants.

Conclude the course by gaining a foundational understanding of Visa’s rules and technical specifications and how to effectively navigate these two areas. You’ll return to your role with the knowledge you need to build a foundation for success in the payments industry.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to payment operations
    • Visa overview
    • Payment ecosystems, stakeholders and emerging players
  • Network processing overview
    • VisaNet
    • Transaction lifecycle
    • Dual message and single message processing
    • Token processing
  • Transaction lifecycle and processing requirements
    • Card present transactions
    • Card not present transactions
  • Settlement, billing and Visa Quarterly Operating Certificates
  • Interchange Reimbursement Fee (IRF) overview
  • Visa’s rules and technical specifications

Who should attend:

Clients who are new to Visa and staff who are new to the payments industry. This course is relevant to all job roles in operations, risk management, systems and operations.

Important notes:

  • Accompanying course participant guides will be provided for you to download.
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