Intermediate Payments Cybersecurity

Type Scheduled Virtual
Topic Cybersecurity
Level Intermediate
Duration 4 days (4 hours per day)
Language English

In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in securing transactions within the payments ecosystem. In this course, you’ll take a deeper dive into payments cybersecurity and its practical application in today’s ever-changing industry.  

Begin with an overview of the payments ecosystem. Get to know the key players in the ecosystem and review current and emerging payment types before exploring the importance of cybersecurity in the payments industry.  

Next, explore key risk management practices and security fundamentals. Review risk management methodologies and learn how to identify, assess, treat and monitor risk. You’ll also gain a stronger understanding of the purpose of cybersecurity, the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) triad and how to identify the different types of cybersecurity controls. 

You’ll then gain insights into the payments industry's regulatory concepts and key sector drivers, including critical elements such as payment card industry (PCI) standards. You’ll also explore the strategic role policies and governance play in guiding industry practices based on regulatory norms and security control domains. 

Using practical examples and case studies, you’ll conclude the course by diving into the payments threat landscape. Learn how to mitigate common threats and vulnerabilities, apply data protection strategies and implement patching and vulnerability management processes. You’ll also take an in-depth look at enterprise security operations and the product security lifecycle.  

For those interested in pursuing Visa Certification, attending this course (as a part of your overall study plan) is a great way to help you prepare to take the Visa Intermediate Payments Cybersecurity exam. You must pass this exam to become certified. 

Key topics:

  • Payments ecosystem
    • Overview
    • Importance of payments cybersecurity
  • Risk management
    • Risk management methodology
    • Risk identification, analysis, treatment and monitoring
  • Security fundamentals
    • Purpose of cybersecurity
    • Confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) triad
    • Identifying controls
  • Payments industry and regulatory concepts
    • Industry and regulatory drivers in major markets or sectors
    • PCI standards
    • Impact on strategy, policies and governance 
  • Security control domains
    • Overview
    • Different domain types
  • Cybersecurity career tracks
  • Payments threat landscape
    • Common threats and vulnerabilities
    • Emerging trends
    • Threat mitigation techniques
  • Applied security
    • Data protection strategies for payments
    • Enterprise security operations
    • Product security lifecycle
    • Patching and vulnerability management 

Who should attend:

  • Individuals who have 9-12 months of experience in payments cybersecurity. 
  • This course is relevant to job roles in payments cybersecurity, information security, software development, business continuity management, IT/product security assurance, incident response, risk management, compliance, fraud management, application support, threat intelligence and identity and access management. 

Important notes:

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