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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution

Introduction to Dispute Resolution

Visão Geral
Tipo Programado - Virtual
Tópico Dispute Resolution
Duração 16 hours over 4 days
Idioma English
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New to dispute resolution? Join us to learn what disputes are and how they happen. In this introductory virtual course, you’ll learn about the Visa Product and Service Rules and review the rules and regulations that issuers, acquirers and merchants must follow in order to accept Visa cards. You’ll also discuss real-world dispute situations and the decisions necessary to achieve proper resolution. You’ll emerge from this course with a foundational understanding of the rules, timelines, touchpoints and processes associated with dispute resolution.

If you are interested in pursuing the Visa Dispute Resolution Professional Certification, this course is a great way to prepare for beginning the certification process.

NOTE: While this course provides an introduction to Visa Resolve Online (VROL), it will NOT cover details such as user interface or other technical information. Back-office personnel that use VROL to handle disputes should instead view the self-paced course Introduction to Dispute Resolution: Visa Resolve Online (delivered in English).

Key topics:

  • Visa Product and Service Rules
  • EMV liability shift
  • Fraud workflows
  • Category 10: Fraud
  • Category 11: Authorization
  • Category 12: Processing Errors
  • Category 13: Consumer Disputes
  • Pre-arbitration, arbitration, and compliance

Who should attend:

  • This course is beneficial for individuals looking to gain a foundational understanding of the dispute resolution process and Visa regulations.

Important notes:

  • This course includes breakout rooms. In order participate in the breakout rooms it is critical that you be able to view the presentation and have audio capability, including a microphone.
  • Pre-work and daily work will be provided for you to download.
  • Enrollment closes one day prior to the session start date for virtual courses. You will not be able to enroll in a virtual course on the day of the session. 
  • Register for select multi-day virtual courses at least six weeks in advance and receive a 15% discount. Enter the code Save15 at checkout to receive this offer.

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