May the best portfolio win 

Three rounds of decisions during the competition 


Three payments experts available to provide advice 

One team crowned as simulation champions 

You’ll be paired with a team of peers as you compete to build the most successful payments portfolio over a five-year period in a simulated marketplace.

Gain hands-on portfolio management experience as you build, test and adapt your credit, debit and merchant acquiring strategies in a risk-free environment.

Test your skills and discover best practices in a friendly competition.

Table, Interaction

Develop your team strategy: Consider your environment and leverage cross-functional knowledge as you create a go-to-market strategy.

Practice your skills: Build a successful credit, debit and merchant acquiring portfolio and grow market share while managing risk and controlling operating costs.

Compete to win: See how your team ranks on the daily leaderboard and adjust your strategy to increase your profitability.

How it works