Introduction to Fraud

Visão Geral
Tipo Programado - Virtual
Tópico Fraud
Nível Introdutório
Duração 3 days (4 hours per day)
Idioma English

Join us for a look at the latest tools, information and best practices that issuers and acquirers can use to better manage fraud risk, reduce associated losses and improve profitability. During this course, you’ll explore the foundations of fraud and risk management. You’ll also learn about fraud trends, including recent attack schemes and the strategies you can use to combat them.

Taught by a Visa subject matter expert, this is a highly interactive course where you’ll learn, share and engage with your peers as you discover how to identify and neutralize fraud threats.

Key topics:

  • Transaction life cycle overview
  • Dual message and single message processing
  • Card Present and Card Not Present (Card Absent) fraud
  • Issuer fraud monitoring
  • Issuer tools: transaction risk scoring, real time decisioning, 3D Secure, EMV chip
  • Acquirer and merchant monitoring and tools
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fraud analysis
  • Industry standards for fraud tools: EMVCo, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance

Who should attend:

  • Staff who have limited involvement with fraud and are interested in gaining a foundational knowledge of fraud and risk management
  • New team members who are also new to payments

Important notes:

  • Accompanying course participant guides will be provided for you to download.
  • Enrollment closes one business day prior to the session start date for virtual courses. You will not be able to enroll in a virtual course on the day of the session.
  • Special offers: Save 15 percent when you register more than six weeks in advance with promo code Save15 or register four individuals from your organization and receive an additional registration at no additional cost. Offers cannot be combined.

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