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Dispute Resolution

Visa Intermediate Dispute Resolution Exam Visa Intermediate Dispute Resolution Exam

Passing the Visa Intermediate Dispute Resolution exam shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the Visa dispute resolution process. To successfully complete the exam, you should have an understanding of Visa's rules, essential workflows and fee structures, as well as a foundational knowledge of arbitration and compliance.

Key topics

  • Dispute resolution
  • Fraud
  • Authorization
  • Processing errors
  • Consumer disputes
  • Pre-compliance and compliance
  • Arbitration

Recommended training

Additional exam preparation resources

Visa Online (VOL)

The following resources are available in VOL. Note: In order to access these resources, you must have access to VOL through your organization. If you are unsure if your organization has access to VOL, please contact us.

Exam guide

Download the exam guide for a complete list of exam objectives and key topics. We highly recommend that you review this important information prior to taking the exam, including the gap analysis worksheet, which is a valuable tool for assessing your readiness to take the exam.

Schedule exam

  • Duration: 110 minutes
  • Number of questions: 75
  • Passing score: 750
  • Format: Single and multiple choice online (non-proctored)
  • Exam type: Online (non-proctored)

Completing your exam

If you are taking an online (non-proctored) exam, follow the steps below:

  • Purchase your exam: Click the Buy Now button to purchase. After purchase, you will receive an email that includes your deadline to complete your exam. Your deadline will be listed as “authorized dates.”
  • Register for your exam: Click the Launch Exam button in your My Courses + Exams list on your Visa University dashboard. The Launch Exam button will direct you to the Pearson VUE website to register.
  • Schedule your exam: Once registered, you will have up to 14 days to complete your online exam.

Becoming a Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional

After you’ve passed both the Visa Intermediate Dispute Resolution and the Visa Advanced Dispute Resolution exams, you’ll be designated as a Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional and will receive the Dispute Resolution Professional digital badge to display on social media and in your email signature.