Visa Dispute Resolution Certification Scholarships Visa Dispute Resolution Certification Scholarships

The financial industry needs trained and knowledgeable dispute resolution professionals. At Visa, we are helping qualified individuals not currently working in the financial services industry gain the skills needed to fill these roles by offering scholarships for up to 500 people to participate in the Visa Dispute Resolution Certification program.

Applying for a scholarship

Applications are currently being accepted by our partner (Scholarship America) anywhere in the United States for most applicants. Active duty military and military dependents or spouses can apply from anywhere in the world.

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Scholarships FAQ

Why is Visa offering scholarships for its Dispute Resolution Certification program?

Training and certification programs are often sponsored by an employer. Visa’s scholarship program is designed to help support those who qualify but may not have the means to offset some of the costs of the certification through their employer.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Scholarship applications are administered through Scholarship America, a third-party partner organization that conducts all screening. Scholarship recipients must be based in the United States; exceptions are made for active duty military, their dependents and spouses, who can apply from anywhere in the world. Individuals not currently working in the financial services industry are eligible to apply.

Does receiving a scholarship provide any additional perks?

Receiving a Visa scholarship is a significant recognition of your potential and a great first step in a new career as a payments professional. In addition to covering your courses and exams, you’ll be provided with supplemental training to help prepare for the certification exams as well as assistance with your job search. You’ll also be notified of continuing education opportunities including webinars, newsletters and more.

What is the value of the scholarship? Will I owe taxes on that value?

The training and certificate program amount should be tax free; however, we recommend checking with your tax advisor to confirm.

Will Visa offer similar scholarship programs in markets outside the United States?

The initial scholarship program is only available in the United States. At a future time, Visa may consider expansion of the program into other countries and regions.